Our Approach

The Nairobi Play Project is built upon intergroup contact theory, with the goal of cultivating intercultural dialogue, Empathy and mutual understanding through game design and a safe space for participants.

The curriculum

The Nairobi Play Project offers customized curriculum development upon request. Our multifaceted curriculum embeds intercultural dialogue activities throughout the game design process, and leverages tools such as Scratch, Makey Makey and Empathy Toys to strengthen youth's computational thinking skills.

Professional Development & Training

The Nairobi Play Project offers professional development to international organizations, community-based organizations, non-profits, schools and other stakeholders interested in adapting the model.

Bring Nairobi Play to your community

Interested in bringing the Nairobi Play Project to your community? We will provide you with the implementation tools and training you need to launch the program in your region.

Our curriculum, professional development and other tools are available upon request.